To seek members’ feedback on the proposed temporary restricted airspace for RAAF Centenary Flypast on 31 March.

The issue

The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) will be celebrating its centenary with a Flypast and Flying Display overhead Lake Burley Griffin and Government House on 31 March 21.

This event entails the participation of a multitude of aircraft of varying size and performance parameters. To ensure aircraft are synchronised for the event there is a requirement for a sanitised volume of airspace in which the aircraft can be held and marshalled. 

Please see the attached paper for further information on the proposed temporary restricted area (TRA).

Submitted by: 

SQNLDR Patricia Atkinson, Joint Airspace Control Cell (JACC)


The feedback received primarily revolved around the single airspace volume and three hour period it entailed.

The initial concept presented to was for a single airspace volume, of which a specified portion would be released back to AsA (civil ATC) for defined periods to facilitate arrivals and departures. The airspace release was not transparent to Industry and other airspace users and therefore led them to believe that Canberra Airport operations would not be available for the entirety of the three hour activation period. 

To alleviate these concerns and provide better clarity for aircraft planning and scheduling, the airspace will be divided into two specific airspace volumes.

To see more detail on the change in the proposed airspace, please see the 'Update' paper attached above.

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