National & QLD - RAAF Roulette Display: EKKA Show Brisbane 2022

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    Closed advisory
    Start 11/07/2022
    AEST 10:00
    End 01/08/2022
    AEST 10:00

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    The Royal Australian Air force (RAAF) Roulettes are planning a Temporary Restricted Area (TRA) over Brisbane CBD on Sun 07 August 22 at approx. 1300L. The TRA will last ~12 minutes and may have implications for YBBN arrivals and departures.


    The Royal Australian Air Force Roulettes are planning a Temporary Restricted Area (TRA) over the city of Brisbane on Sunday 07 August 2022 at approximately 1300 local time. The display is a 6-ship PC-21 Formation Aerobatics display. The display will be in support of Opening Ceremony for the EKKA Show in Brisbane. The approximate duration of the display will be 12 minutes. The TRA will be within a 4NM radius of Bowen Hills, extending up to A050. This will likely affect operations at Brisbane International (YBBN), Archerfield Airfield (YBAF) and the Univat Visual Flight Rules (VFR) route. The TRA will be controlled by Airservices Australia and will be included in the Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) for the area.

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