NSW - NSW Proposed Major Changes to Williamtown Airspace

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    Closed consultation
    Start 11/08/2022
    AEST 10:00
    End 29/08/2022
    AEST 17:00

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    Paul  Gartshore

    To seek feedback from the aviation industry on the proposed major changes to Williamtown airspace including the CTR, Class E CTA, R578, R574, R580, R583, R587 and air routes.

    The issue

    In 2015, CASA and RAAF released their Joint Aeronautical Study of Williamtown Airspace which provided 33 recommendations for improvements to the airspace. RAAF and Airservices Australia (Airservices) have been working together to develop a new airspace and route design for the Williamtown area in order to acquit a number of the joint study recommendations.


    Williamtown airspace is strategically vital for a dynamic range of customers and as such, Defence and Airservices are committed to ensuring the right balance for equitable access.


    The proposal involves:
    • Reducing the size of the CTR by 1 NM radius.
    • A second CTR SFC - 2000ft between 11 and 25NM, from the north clockwise to the south, will only be activated when required.
    • The R578 series has been replaced by blocks of Military Class C CTR/CTA.
    • New uniform ceiling of Williamtown military-controlled airspace within 25 NM Williamtown (or part thereof) is FL125.
    • D589A will no longer be required.
    • The 3500FT step to the south west is no longer required.
    • The 2500FT 'Maitland step' is required for CTA containment of RWY 12 arrivals from the south and west, and does not impact the Maitland RNP-W approach.
    • R580, R583 series and R587 series have been replaced by R584 series and R588 series with minor amendments to dimensions. This allows for FUA and national standardisation of separation with RAs.
    • R574 has been subdivided for FUA.
    • Amendment and or creation of air routes that strategically separate with new RA boundaries and facilitate efficient and safe use of the new SIDs and STARs.
    • An expansion of the current Williamtown Class E CTA volume to provide a 30NM radius WLM TAC A065 step

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    Andrea Armstrong

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