NSW - Proposal to establish a Visual Flight Rules (VFR) lane to the southwest of the Bankstown Control Zone (CTR)

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    Members of the Bankstown Airspace Conflict Management Group (BACM) are proposing the establishment of a Visual Flight Rules (VFR) lane to the southwest of the Bankstown Control Zone (CTR) to reduce airspace risk.  

    The issue

    The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and Airservices Australia established the Bankstown Joint Airspace and Procedures Analysis Team (JAPAT), comprised of subject matter experts, to cooperatively identify and assess safety risks associated within and adjacent to the Bankstown airspace. In 2020, the work being undertaken by JAPAT was subsequently taken on by the Bankstown Airspace Conflict Management Group (BACM) Group.

    The key reason for their establishment was to assess and address several safety incidents that had occurred in and around the Bankstown CTR. These incidents were the subject of analysis and hazard identification workshops attended by JAPAT and BACM members.

    One of the key concerns identified is the airspace collision risk within the Bankstown CTR generated by the existing Runway 11 departure procedure where aircraft are required to turn in the direction of, and then climb above arriving aircraft to exit the control zone. In order to ease this situation BACM are proposing a VFR lane, named the “Engadine Corridor” be established to the southwest of the control zone (refer to diagram 1) through the adjacent Sydney Control Zone.


    The proposed change is intended to reduce airspace risk by establishing a VFR departure lane and an associated procedure to the southwest of the Bankstown CTR through the existing Sydney Control Zone. Aircraft will be directed to depart the control zone from overhead Bankstown, tracking toward the initial way point at “Choppers South” at an altitude sufficient to avoid circuit operations being conducted on the 29L/11R runway then proceed along the lane.

    This change to operations would be published within the En Route Supplement Australia (ERSA) as well as the Visual Flight Guide (VFRG) for YSBK. The lane will also be published on the Sydney Visual Terminal Chart (VTC) and Sydney Visual Navigation Chart (VNC).


    The BACM members will prepare an Airspace Change Proposal (ACP) to reclassify the airspace in a portion of the Sydney Control Zone approximately 0.5 NM either side of the nominal path up to 1500FT above mean sea level (illustrated in blue in Diagram 1) to establish the VFR lane. 

    All stakeholders are invited to provide comments to the Office of Airspace Regulation (OAR) attention Anthony Lawler by Wednesday 17 December 2022 using the following email address. oar@casa.gov.au

    ENGADINE 1 – OUTBOUND Draft Procedure

    TR FM CHOPPERS SOUTH (Intersection of two creeks enclosing a sewerage treatment

    works, 2.1NM S of BK) 116°M to Picnic Point then turn RIGHT TR 171°M to THE RIDGE


    (2.2NM SSE of The Ridge Golf Course).

    Submitted by

     Civil Aviation Safety Authority
    CASA Office of Airspace Regulation (OAR)

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