NSW – Proposed TRA within Sydney Basin in support of New South Wales Government’s Australia Day activities

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    Joint Airspace Control Cell  HQJOC
    Royal Australian Air Force

    The NSW Government will be sponsoring a number of activities in the airspace above Sydney Harbour on Australia Day, Thursday 26 January 2022.

    Planned events include operations that affect R405B, uncontrolled (Class G) airspace to the east of the Harbour Bridge, as well as operations above within civil controlled airspace.

    The ADF contribution to these activities is yet to be confirmed, however it is anticipated that a RAAF F- 35A Joint Strike Fighter aircraft handling display will take place, necessitating the TRA. Information regarding all contributing elements will be promulgated via AIP SUP in due course.

    The issue

    This proposal notes the following key issues: 

    • Lateral dimension of the proposed TRA is a copy of that used to support flypast and display activities conducted in previous displays 
    • Vertical dimensions of the proposed TRA replicates last year's event (SFC-A080) to accommodate an Air Force F-35 handling display
    • Victor 1 VFR coastal route remains unaffected 
    • R405B will be unavailable for the duration of the activation 
    • Conditional status of TRA will be RA3


    JACC requests feedback on proposed temporary restricted area (TRA) enabling Defence support to the New South Wales Government’s Australia Day activities within the Sydney Basin.


    This event requires segregated airspace to enable flypast priority (time-on-target) and account for highspeed and abrupt manoeuvres associated with military fast-jet handling displays. Due to this requirement, it is proposed that a TRA be established to enable unimpeded access for supporting assets, and to ensure public safety.

    The proposed TRA is to encompass the lateral dimensions of R405B and extend to the east to include a portion of Class G airspace adjacent to the Victor 1 VFR coastal route. These lateral dimensions are consistent with TRA design used to support Australia Day activities over previous years, as per Figure 1. R405B is to be deactivated, with TRA AIR DISPLAY superimposed.

    The proposed vertical extent is to encompass SFC to A080, as is necessary to contain the F-35A handling display.

    Duration and frequency of TRA activation on the day is still yet to be determined. It can be expected that the TRA will be activated for the F-35A display and to support minor activities as deemed necessary, not exceeding 30 minutes in duration for each activation.

    Special transit arrangements will be in place for EMS and police helicopters.



    LATERAL LIMITS: 334949S 1511705E - 335006S 1511652E

    then along THE COAST 61 - 335134S 1511705E
    then along THE COAST 16 - 335222S 1511701E
    335224S 1511446E, then along SY Harbour - 335120S 1511228E
    335110S 1511241E, then along THE PACIFIC HWY 3 –
    334807S 1511053E, 334807S 1511742E (Manly),
    then along the coast to 334924S 1511806E (North Head)
    334949S 1511705E


    CONTROLLING AUTHORITY: Airservices Australia / SY TCU

    TELEPHONE: (02) 9556-6853 (operational matters only)

    CONTROL FREQ: Sydney Departures 123.0 MHz

    CTAF: 120.8MHz will be monitored by Polair during the activation of the TRA.

    Submitted by

    Joint Airspace Control Cell HQJOC
    Royal Australian Air Force

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