NSW & Qld - Major proposed changes to overland permanent military flying areas (R559, R639) - Amendment

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    Closed advisory
    Start 11/08/2022
    AEST 10:00
    End 29/08/2022
    AEST 17:00

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    Andrea  Armstrong

    On 28 Apr 2022, ADF Airspace released an AVSEF - NSW & Qld - Major proposed changes to overland permanent military flying areas (R559, R639) seeking feedback on the proposed airspace change. Due to a number of changes to the proposed airspace, a new AvSEF post has been opened for further consultation and seek feedback.


    ADF Airspace is seeking feedback on major proposed changes to overland permanent military flying areas (R559, R639). Amended AVSEF is released for further consultation.


    The proposal involves:

    • Deletion of existing R559A-F volumes
    • Creation of a F-35 replacement volume (with subdivisions)
    • Creation of a Hawk 127 replacement volume (with subdivisions)
    • Deletion of Danger areas D538A, D538B and D600
    • Creation of new Danger areas beneath the main volumes to replace D538AB, and a low-level access corridor to replace D600
    • Reduction in the southern corner of R639D.

    Separate to this proposal, a series of military Air to Air Refuelling and Airborne Early Warning and Control (MAAA) volumes will be designed in conjunction with Airservices and published in the Designated Airspace Handbook. These areas will complement operations, enhance lost efficiency and mitigate residual risk. Finally, transit corridors or flight plannable segments to get to/from the proposed areas will also be incorporated, and activated dynamically as utilised within the current airspace construct. Indicative images of these options are found in the attachments but do not form part of this Airspace Change Proposal.

    It is intended that all non-flying and flying (i.e. aviation) tracking tolerances will be wholly contained with the proposed airspace.

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    Andrea Armstrong

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