NT - Restricted and Danger Area Change Advisory

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    Closed consultation
    Start 04/05/2022
    AEST 10:00
    End 07/06/2022
    AEST 22:00

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    Lisa  Hinton

    To inform airspace users regarding the declaration of new permanent Restricted Areas (RA) and Danger Areas (DA) formally used in a temporary nature by Defence in the Northern Territory for military exercises such as Diamond Storm and Pitch Black.

    The issue


    • NT temporary RA and DA formally used for ADF activities have been declared permanent with new designators and modified dimensions
    • These RA and DA have been approved by CASA to become permanent with effect AIRAC 01 Dec 2022
    • These areas will be promulgated as ‘temporary’ in their updated form for military exercises Diamond Storm and Pitch Black 2022, pending becoming permanent areas with effect AIRAC 01 Dec 2022.
    • More information on Military Exercise Pitch Black 2022 can be found on the relevant AvSEF consultation.

    Submitted by

    Lisa Hinton
    Joint Airspace Control Cell (JACC, RAAF)

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