QLD - Archerfield Fly Neighbourly Program

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    Closed advisory
    Start 22/08/2022
    AEST 10:00
    End 22/09/2022
    AEST 17:30

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    Fly Neighbourly is a voluntary code of practice developed by Archerfield Airport Corporation (AAC) in partnership with airport operators, community representatives, residents and other aviation stakeholders wanting to reduce aircraft disturbances around the airport. 


    We communicate with our tenants and residents about noise generation and its impact on the community; and we take a real interest in ensuring that every effort is taken to reduce impacts. Pilots and aircraft operating at Archerfield Airport must comply with a range of regulations and procedures stipulated by Archerfield Airport Corporation, Airservices Australia and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). These include Archerfield Airport’s Conditions of Use, En Route Supplement Australia (ERSA) and CASA’s Visual Pilot Guide. These resources, alongside the Fly Neighbourly Program, serve to foster lasting solutions to minimise the impact of the airport on neighbouring communities. 

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