Qld - Military Exercise Wallaby 2022 (XWB 22)

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    Closed consultation
    Start 15/07/2022
    AEST 10:29
    End 16/08/2022
    AEST 19:30

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    Shawn  Fitz-Gerald
    Department of Defense

    XWB 22 is a Republic of Singapore Defence Force exercise with participation of the Singapore Navy, Army and Air Force.The exercise will be confined to the SWBTA, 28 Aug – 11 Oct 2022. The air component will be operating in and out of Rockhampton consequently there will be increased levels of arrivals, departures and low level air traffic in the airspace between Rockhampton airport and SWBTA.

    The issue

    • To advise members of the military activity in the Shoal Water Bay Training Area (SWBTA)
    • To advise members of increased military air traffic operations at Rockhampton Airport


    To advise members of the Republic of Singapore Defence Force Annual Training. 


    The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) will be operating C130, AH-64D Apache and CH-47D Chinook aircraft. Their tracks to and from SWBTA are;

    • Rotary wing; OUT Rockhampton (YBRK), Parkhurst (PRKH), the Glen airfield (YGEN) A025. RTN YGEN, PRKH, YBRK A030
    • Fixed wing (C130) OUT, YBRK Mt WALLACE way point S23 19.1 E149 58.7 RK268027; MAGNESITE MINE (MAS)/wpt S22 53.2 E150 11.4 RK338034, A030, RTN THE GLEN/waypoint S22 49.6 E 150 20.1 YBRK A040.

    Activity is anticipated from the 10 Sep – 24 Oct inclusive.

    SWBTA Airspace Activation

    Activation of the SWBTA airspace will be by daily NOTAM, primarily the entire range will be active, and depending on activity the level of the range will be promulgated.

    Clearances for Non-Exercise Aircraft

    Subject to as minimum delay as possible Medical, Emergency, Mercy, SAR Customs/Coast watch flights will receive priority clearances.

    Other aircraft requesting clearances during exercise operations

    • Contact ADFLO Liaison Officer (0477 320 629)
    • Minimum of 24 hours prior notice planned flight
    • Proforma with clearance with block time, levels & any other requirements will be e-mailed/faxed to pilot;
    • If unable to comply ADFLO must be informed prior to departure.

    YBRK Procedures

    RSAF parking and procedures will be articulated in AIP SUP H80/22, wef 202208281400 UTC.


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    Shawn  Fitz-Gerald
    Department of Defense

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