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    Closed consultation
    Start 02/06/2022
    AEST 10:00
    End 19/06/2022
    AEST 10:00

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    Daniel  Olsen
    Royal Australian Air Force - Joint Airspace Control Cell

    To seek member feedback on the proposed Temporary Restricted Area (TRA) ‘Lightning’ to support Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) – Force Generation.

    The issue

    The key aspects of this proposal are TRA Lightning lateral and vertical dimensions, together with civil diversion routing.


    Elements of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) plan to conduct integrated training serials within RAAF Amberley western airspace (AWX) throughout October 2022, operating from RAAF Bases Amberley and Williamtown (Newcastle Airport).


    TRA-Lightning is proposed to extend existing restricted area (R629) west of RAAF Amberley to support integrated training serials involving fast jet, AEW&C and AAR aircraft. The integrated serials are expected to involve fast-jet aircraft, air-to-air refuelling and airborne early warning and control aircraft, necessitating an expansion to extant PRD (R639A-D and D621A-D) in order to ensure public safety through segregation from civilian operations.

    Airspace - Activation of existing PRD volumes R639A-D and D621A-D, and declaration of:

    TRA Lightning (see attachment 1):

    Conditional Status: RA2
    Military Flying
    Lateral Limits: 270405S 1490135E – 265738S 1494403E – 281000S 1494800E – 292209S 1500917E – 292740S 1493110E – 291840S 1492610E – 270405S 1490135E
    Vertical Limits: 10 000FT AMSL – NOTAM
    Hours of Activity: NOTAM
    Controlling Authority: 452SQN AMB FLTCDR, 07 5361 3349

    Scheduling - Exercise airspace is expected to be activate for 3 hour periods, twice daily between the hours of 2300Z – 0730Z, over the period 04 – 14 Oct 2022 (excluding weekends):

    However, due to the variable nature of training schedules, it is possible that this activity could occur either side of the proposed activation dates. Therefore, in assessing this proposal TRA-Lightning should be considered active for no more than 10 working days over the 26 Sep – 21 Oct 2022 period.

    Diversion routes - Diversion routing is expected to replicate previous activation of TRA-Lightning (AIP SUP H30/22), as per attachment 2 and 3. Pilots shall flight plan via diversion routes to remain clear of restricted areas.

    Access to TRA-Lightning by non-participant aircraft will not available except for:
    - Aircraft operating in the preservation of life or property (MEDEVAC, FFR, POL, SAR)
    - Aircraft with a declared emergency, and
    - Aircraft conducting Border Force operations.

    Submitted by

    Daniel Olsen
    Royal Australian Air Force - Joint Airspace Control Cell

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