Qld - Proposed changes to Kinchant broadcast area

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    Closed consultation
    Start 16/06/2022
    AEST 10:00
    End 10/07/2022
    AEST 17:00

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    Trevor  Bange
    Industry Convener for AvSEF Qld

    To seek feedback on a proposal to change the Kinchant broadcast area (BA).

    The issue

    - Some stakeholders currently report the Kinchant BA is utilised less than was expected during its creation in 2015. Given that some airstrips in the Pioneer Valley are outside the Kinchant BA and on a different frequency, expanding the existing BA to include all relevant airstrips may help to justify the discrete frequency.

    - The Kinchant BA includes Palmyra (YPYA), Turtle Park (YTPK) and Marian (YMRI). Further west of the current area is Finch Hatton (YFHA) which has been recently upgraded. There would be benefit in having all airstrips in the area on the same frequency.

    - This consultation may be impacted by a separate proposal to change the Proserpine BA CTAF to a unique frequency. This would reduce the congestion on 126.7 MHz in the event the Kinchant BA reverted back to this standard frequency.


    An airspace review conducted by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) involving the Mackay area in February 2019 did not comment on the Class G airspace or BAs next to the Mackay control zone. This proposal seeks to improve the communications in this area and has three potential resolutions.


    1. Leave the Kinchant BA unchanged; or

    2. Expand the size and shape of the Kinchant BA to the west to include YFHA. The BA would then contain all four charted airstrips within the Pioneer Valley; or

    3. Remove the Kinchant BA so that the frequency for the area reverts to 126.7 MHz. This selection would be enhanced if the Proserpine BA changes from 126.7 MHz to a discrete frequency and would mean traffic in the Pioneer Valley would not hear traffic overhead on approach into the Proserpine BA.

    Submitted by

    Gareth Davey
    AvSEF Northern Queensland working party

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