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    Start 18/06/2022
    AEST 10:00
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    Trevor  Bange
    Industry Convener for AvSEF Qld

    To seek feedback on proposed changes to Proserpine broadcast area (BA).

    The issue

    - Proserpine BA currently shares its frequency, 126.70 MHz, with many other areas in surrounding Class G airspace.

    - There have been observations and reports of confusion for separation purposes from traffic as far away as Ayr (YAYR - 88 NM away). This is because both airports have runways aligned 11/29.

    - Traffic at Proserpine has changed since its last airspace review and now is operating at pre-pandemic traffic levels. There is now additional skydiving, airline and commercial General Aviation (GA) traffic departing to and arriving from more destinations.


    Due to significant changes since the last airspace review from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), the present 126.70 MHz frequency is not proving suitable for the Proserpine BA. This proposal seeks to improve aircraft-to-aircraft communication within the area by providing a different frequency to that used by traffic in the surrounding Class G airspace. Specifically,

    - In the vicinity of Proserpine Airport (YBPN) there would be a reduction in overlapping communications observed on 126.70 MHz from airline traffic near Moranbah Airport (YMRB).

    - In the vicinity of Bowen Airport (YBWN) there would be a reduction in overlapping communications observed on 126.70 MHz from traffic, the Aerodrome Frequency Response Unit (AFRU) and Pilot-Activated Lighting (PAL) at YBPN. This would reduce interruption for the model aeroplane club at YBWN.


    1. Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF) change - Change the existing frequency of Proserpine BA from 126.70 MHz to a different frequency. This would provide the benefits described above. A new frequency ending in 00 kHz or 50 kHz will be compatible with older radio systems. Feedback from the aviation community is invited and it is requested you provide reasoning with any submission or variation you suggest.

    2. Visual Flight Rules (VFR) waypoints - The aviation community is also invited to consider implementing VFR waypoints on aeronautical charts to better facilitate traffic movement around the Proserpine area. Currently there are no VFR waypoints displayed on the Whitsunday Visual Terminal Chart (VTC) within the Proserpine BA. Possible options for VFR wapoints include Bloomsbury, Mount Hector Homestead, Lake Proserpine, Conway Beach and Laguna Quays Resort.

    Submitted by

    Gareth Davey
    AvSEF Northern Queensland working party

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