QLD - Proposed Temporary Restricted Area ‘Kraken’ in support of Exercise TASMAN SHIELD 2023

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    Closed consultation
    Start 19/10/2022
    AEDT 11:00
    End 02/11/2022
    AEDT 17:00

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    Shaun  O'Keeffe
    Joint Airspace Control Cell

    To seek members feedback on the a proposed Temporary Restricted Area (TRA) ‘Kraken’ to support ADF Exercise TASMAN SHIELD 2023

    The issue

    • Activation of multiple extant Amberley restricted and danger areas
    • Activation of temporary restricted area (TRA): TRA-Kraken
    • Diversion and civil routes



    Elements of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and Royal Australian Navy (RAN) will be conducting Exercise ‘TASMAN SHIELD 2023 (TSD23)’ over the period 20 – 31 March 2023. TSD23 is a wide area air defence activity with military aircraft operating out of RAAF Base Amberley and from ships.

    Access by non-exercise aircraft to Amberley aerodrome, CTR and restricted areas may be subject to delays.

    Due to runway works at RAAF Base Williamtown, for which a conclusion date is not yet confirmed, two airspace proposals will be submitted for TSD23 as a contingency. This proposal (TRA-Kraken) shall be enacted in the event Williamtown runway works are not completed in time for this exercise, requiring aircraft to base at Amberley and use temporary airspace off the coast of Brisbane. The other proposal shall be enacted in the event Williamtown runway works are completed in time, with aircraft based at Williamtown to use temporary airspace encompassing offshore Williamtown and Amberley Airspace (see TRA-Shield-ABC). Please note that only one of these two proposals shall be executed (TRA-Shield-ABC or TRA-Kraken).


    - Airspace

    o This activity will consist of existing Amberley permanent restricted and danger areas (AEX). These areas include R637ABCD, R644, R650AB, D617ABCD, D632 and D658AB.

    o The following Temporary Restricted Areas (TRA) will be established in addition to permanent areas for the purposes of TSD22.

    Conditional Status: RA2
    Military Flying
    Lateral Limits: 235901S 1541014E – 264546S 1574637E – 271634S 1573103E – 261550S 1563028E – 253932S 1555400E – 235901S 1541014E
    Vertical Limits: SFC – FL600
    Hours of Activity: NOTAM
    Controlling Authority: 452 Squadron Amberley Flight

    o Specific timings of PRD and TRA airspace activation windows will be confirmed in AIP SUP and NOTAM. It is expected that the TSD23 airspace will be activated during both day and night periods over 20 – 31 March 2023, excluding weekends.

    - Diversion routes

    o Diversion routes will be published in the AIP SUP in consultation with Airservices Australia.

    - Access to TSD23 airspace

    o Access to TSD23 restricted areas by non-exercise aircraft is not available except for:

    Aircraft operating in the preservation of life or property (MEDEVAC, FFR, POL, SAR)
    Aircraft with a declared emergency, and
    Aircraft conducting Border Force operations.

    Submitted by

    Shaun O'Keeffe
    Joint Airspace Control Cell

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