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    Closed consultation
    Start 21/03/2022
    AEDT 09:00
    End 07/04/2022
    AEST 19:00

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    Eamon  Lawson
    Southern Launch

    To seek feedback from airspace users on:

    1. the potential effect of a proposed Temporary Restricted Area(s) upon their flight operations; and
    2. post-event, any measured effect of the Temporary Restricted Areas.

    The issue

    • Two rocket launches between 1 May 2022 to 30 September 2022.
    • Three proposed Temporary Restricted Areas using existing MATS guidelines.
    • The utilisation of a vertically split series of two TRAs to allow for select light commercial aircraft to safely operate in parallel with launch activity.
    • The implementation of multiple TRA activity times, managed by Airservices Australia (‘Airservices’), to maintain safe airspace use and minimise the effect of launch operations on other airspace users.

    Submitted by

    Lloyd Damp
    Southern Launch

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