Vic- Avalon Airport (YMAV) Aerodrome Beacon Utilisation

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    Closed consultation
    Start 23/11/2022
    AEDT 11:00
    End 08/12/2022
    AEDT 11:00

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    Airservices is seeking industry feedback to understand if there is any ongoing operational requirement or impact on removal of the Avalon Airport aerodrome beacon before a decision for its decommissioning can be made.

    The issue

    • Industry feedback will inform any decision regarding the decommissioning and or removal of the aerodrome beacon from operational service.


    To seek industry feedback on any operational requirement for the use of the YMAV Aerodrome Beacon, and provide feedback on foreseeable operational impacts resultant of its proposed decommissioning.


    In 2017 and 2018, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) consulted on changes to, and effected amendments to Civil Aviation Regulations (CASR) Part 139 – Aerodromes the associated Manual of Standards (MOS). Pursuant to these changes, the mandatory requirement for an Aerodrome Beacon has been removed.

    With these changes, and the evolution of other aerodrome lighting and the expansion of GNSS navigation capabilities across all levels of the industry means that the historical need for an Aerodrome Beacon has changed considerably.

    As a result, Airservices is proposing to decommission the Aerodrome Beacon at Avalon Airport (YMAV) and to remove it from operational service. Consistent with our Safety Management System (SMS), an internal risk assessment has been completed, and has identified a negligible impact on industry.

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