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    Closed consultation
    Start 02/06/2022
    AEST 10:00
    End 21/06/2022
    AEST 10:00

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    FLTLT Steve  Johnson
    Royal Australian Air Force

    The Australian Defence Force is seeking feedback on a proposal to establish a small Danger Area at Dutson Training Area. This will provide a more efficient use of airspace compared to R391A/R391B for most activities, while still offering suitable cover from live-fire operations.

    The issue

    Currently, most activities at Dutson Training area do not require the full use of R391A and/or R391B and consequently, often result in inefficient airspace restrictions. The implementation of a smaller Danger Area will cover live-fire operations at Dutson Training Area, reduce the frequency of R391A/R391B activation and more efficiently use the airspace.


    An analysis of operations at Dutson Training Area has found most activities do not require the full use of R391A and/or R391B and it would be more efficient to implement a Dutson Range Danger Area.


    The Dutson Training Area is a military range facility to the South East of RAAF Base East Sale. A review of activities requiring PRD airspace has found that most activities occur at permanent ranges, the safety traces for which occupy a substantially smaller footprint than the current dimensions of R391A/B. Activation of R391A/B is an inflexible use of excessive airspace not required for the routine activities in the Dutson Training Area.

    The RAAF proposes to create a more efficient Danger Area, to be used when appropriate in lieu of R391A/B. The southern boundary of this danger area will follow the northern edge of the Longford – Golden Beach Road to aid recognition and aircraft navigation. The danger area is to be active by NOTAM only when required, SFC – NOTAM. The use of this Danger Area will significantly reduce the frequency of R391A/B activation.

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    FLTLT Steve Johnson
    Royal Australian Air Force

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