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    Closed consultation
    Start 01/07/2022
    AEST 10:00
    End 30/07/2022
    AEST 10:00

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    Leila  Askari
    Aerodrome Management Services C/- Penny Operations Pty Ltd

    To seek feedback from the broader AvSEF community on any safety or operational impacts likely to arise due to Penny Aerodrome (YPEN) utilising 126.70 MHz as its Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF). 

    The issue

    Penny Operations Pty Ltd is in the process of certifying YPEN. Construction is planned for completion in mid-August 2022 with operations to commence as soon as practicable after completion of construction. The intended carrier (Skippers Aviation) will be providing Fairchild Metro 23 (19-seater aircraft) services, approximately 156 flights per year initially, with Dash 8-100s as a backup service option.
    Due to the number of expected weekly services (6 x scheduled aircraft movements a week), there will be no requirement for an Aerodrome Frequency Response Unit (AFRU) or Pilot Activated Lighting (PAL).

    There is a supporting document to this assessment taken from Google Earth, showing surrounding aerodromes in proximity of YPEN, with 20nm radius increments. The table indicates the distance and bearing of the surrounding aerodromes from YPEN, as well as their CTAF.


    For industry to consider the effects, if any, on safety and air operations, likely to arise from a CTAF of 126.70MHz being assigned to YPEN.


    Request to assign CTAF 126.70 MHz to YPEN. It is due for completion and certification from mid-August. Please refer to the attachment for further information on surrounding aerodromes, such as YMOG.

    Submitted by

    Leila  Askari
    Aerodrome Management Services C/- Penny Operations Pty Ltd

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