WA - Proposed amended ATS route structure between Perth and Albany

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    Closed consultation
    Start 08/11/2022
    AEDT 11:00
    End 22/11/2022
    AEDT 17:00

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    The issue

    Currently, all Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) traffic between Perth and Albany track via Air Traffic Service (ATS) two-way route, W172. Over recent years, air traffic has increased between Perth and Albany. The increased traffic, combined with the lowering of Class E airspace from FL180 to FL125 in May 2020, has led to increased workload and complexity for Air Traffic Control (ATC), where amended clearances are commonly provided to Albany departures to deconflict from Albany arrivals. Additionally, a two-way route provides limitations regarding climb and descent when there is opposite direction traffic.


    Airservices requests feedback on a proposed amended Air Traffic Service (ATS) route structure between Perth and Albany to better facilitate increased traffic demands. This should lead to a:

    - reduction in ATS re-routing for Albany arrivals and departures.

    - reduction in delays for aircraft departing Albany.

    - laterally separated route structure.


    Airservices propose to restructure the ATS routes between waypoint SOLUS (36 PH DME) and Albany:

    - Perth to Albany traffic to track as per current operations thence JOSBU ARUMI ABA DCT YABA

    - Albany to Perth traffic to track YABA DCT ABA PAVSO KAKVU JOSBU SOLUS thence as per current operations

    - This provides 5NM lateral separation between the inbound and outbound route at approximately 10 DME ABA. On normal climb and descent profiles, all aircraft will be in Class G airspace when the routes converge to less than 5NM spacing

    - Waypoint PAVSO to be included on W185 to keep the two-way structure between Albany and waypoint OCKLY, while also providing the connection for Perth bound traffic to turn left at PAVSO

    - Flight Planning options provided in ERSA for the Perth/Albany and Jandakot/Albany city pairs

    - There is approximately 2NM additional track miles in each direction compared to current operations

    Please refer to the attachment below for further information on the proposal.

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    Nigel Morgan

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