Airservices is seeking feedback from aircraft operators to understand if and when pilots tune into a destination or enroute Navaid and report faulty or failed Navaids to Airservices.

The issue

Airservices maintains an extensive network of Navigation Aids (Navaids) around Australia which collectively are referred to as the Backup Navigation Network (BNN). Since February 2016 the BNN has played a backup role to the Global Positioning System (GPS) single frequency L1 service. GPS is now the primary means of enroute navigation and performing non-precision approach operations within Australian Airspace.

Within the BNN there are Navaids that are remotely monitored for failures at Airservices’ main Operational Centers in Brisbane and Melbourne. However, there are a number of Navaids that have always utilised Pilot Monitoring and status reporting to assist in the detection of faults and failures.

With the increasing reliance upon GNSS and, in some cases, automated navigation systems, Airservices is seeking to understand if Pilot Monitoring and reporting of Navaids is still an effective mechanism to support system management.

To this end, Airservices is seeking feedback from Aircraft Operators and pilots to assist in this determination.


Q1. Do Pilots tune in to conventional ground based Navaids such as NDB, VOR and DME at their destination airport? If automated systems are used to do this, would a pilot normally become aware if the automated system failed to tune in to a Navaid that was expected to be available?

Q2. As per Q1 but for Navaids which lie enroute between the departure and destination airports.

Q3. If a Pilot becomes aware that a destination or enroute Navaid is faulty, has failed or is unavailable would they always follow established practices to report this to Airservices? If not, under which circumstances would an operator or pilot report the failure to Airservices. 

Q4. In relation to the detection and reporting of Navaids that are faulty or have failed, can you provide any specific operator guidance to Airservices to aid in our understanding of normal operator practices?

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Airservices Australia - Adrian Shalley

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