AvSEF members are invited to provide feedback on the proposal to re-establish the use of Mandatory Broadcast Zones (MBZ).

The issue

The term presently in use for a section of airspace in Class G where the use of radio and mandatory broadcasts are required is a "Broadcast Area (BA)", however neither the VFR Guide (2.31) nor the AIP (GEN 3.2-10) cite a mandatory broadcast requirement.

It is noted that in recent documents relating to Airservices Australia SFIS proposal they are using the word "mandatory" which is implied as being applicable to a BA.

In 1995, the term Mandatory Broadcast Zone (MBZ) was introduced to replace the MTAF which was a Mandatory Traffic Advisory Frequency in areas around specific aerodromes. That change was introduced to highlight and reinforce the mandatory requirements to make certain radio broadcasts and than it was related to the area and not just the frequency.

More recently the term MBZ was withdrawn from use at some locations and replaced by the term "Broadcast Area (BA)". It is considered that this term (BA) is not explicit enough to describe the required radio procedures and in fact could describe the procedures for all of Class G airspace in Australia, whereas the term MBZ actually describes the requirements that a broadcast is mandatory and is applicable to a specific area (zone). 

AvSEF members are encouraged to provide feedback on whether Mandatory Broadcast Zone (MBZ) should be used instead of Broadcast Area (BA). 

Submitted by: 

Capt Doug Stott - Qld AvSEF


There were 20 responses to this consultation, all of which were in support. Please see attached Summary of responses document for further information. 

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