Seeking to expand Danger Area D530 to better align with the Skydive Australia Wollongong Drop Zone and make it clearer to pilots who are unfamiliar with the area.

The issue

The proposal is to amend D530 to make the PJE zone more visible to traffic transitioning the area by increasing the safety margins between parachute descents and aircraft.

Please see attached paper for further information.

Submitted by: 

Justin Sims - Skydive Australia, Experience Co PTY Ltd


There were two submissions opposing the expansion of the Danger Area. After discussions with these pilots and The Illawarra Flyers Club (Club of fifteen locally based pilots) we have decided to move forward with the expansion of the Danger Area with the amended Eastern Boundary. Please see the above attachment to view the Illawarra Flyers Club submission in support of our proposal. 

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Send your feedback on this consultation to Justin Sims - Southern Region Senior Pilot, Skydive Australia

Start 06/01/2021
End 31/01/2021
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