Seeking members' feedback on the proposal to establish new waypoints on six Air Traffic Services (ATS) routes at Williamtown.

The issue

The design of Williamtown terminal airspace has resulted in several incidents where IFR aircraft inadvertently descend outside controlled airspace (CTA) during the conduct of a visual approach. This affects aircraft of all types and categories, including multi-crew RPT jets with advanced EFIS displays (refer to AIC H40/20). 

To reduce these incidents, Williamtown ATC have been issuing instructions requiring the crew to manoeuvre the aircraft to a position at a specific distance and altitude along the air route that is contained within CTA. However, this method can become inefficient. To address the matter, Williamtown’s 453 Squadron has proposed the addition of waypoints to ATS Routes where they intersect the boundary of Restricted Area R578,

The rationale for the change is to:

  • Provide a point at which Williamtown ATC can issue descent instructions for arriving aircraft in advance, to reduce the incidence of inadvertent descent below CTA.
  • Improve the ability of aircrews on common arrival routes to identify the boundary of Williamtown’s restricted airspace. 
  • Improve the ability of ATS systems, particularly TAAATS, to generate boundary estimates and thereby improve the ability of Defence and Airservices to issue sequencing instructions for Williamtown arrivals.

Please see the attached paper for further information on the proposal.

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Two responses were received to this consultation. Whilst generally supportive of the proposal, the use of STARs instead of waypoints was suggested. In response to this suggestion, the OAR has stated that the use of waypoints is only an interim measure and STARs will be addressed in subsequent work.

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