To seek members feedback on the proposal to establish temporary danger areas (TDA) due to feral animal culling

The issue

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service will be conducting feral animal culling over two separate campaigns between 23 August to 9 September and (now changed to) 15 November to 3 December 2020. This involves the use of high powered semi‐automatic rifles from a single helicopter.

  • Two separate campaigns to cull feral animals are scheduled in the Shoalhaven and Eurobodalla areas
  • Multiple TDAs to be activated individually are proposed

The TDAs are proposed during daylight hours to mitigate residual airspace risks posed by the feral animal culling.

Please see attached paper for further information.

Please note - The dates of the second campaign have been changed. Previously, it was scheduled to be held 22 November to 8 December (as stipulated in the paper). It will now be held 15 November to 3 December 2020.

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Two responses were received, with both supporting the proposal.

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