To inform AvSEF members of proposed short notice Temporary Restricted Areas (TRA) Dagger, for activation in support of military activity between 28 Sep and 10 Oct 2020.

The issue

  • TRAs will be activated by day 1000Z – 0300Z (0800-1700L) 
  • Access through the TRA will be controlled by WLM ATC
Submitted by: 

4 Squadron Terminal Attack Controller Cell - FLTLT James Bevin


Two responses were received. One responses enquired about a data check on the stated Latitude and Longitudes. The other response notified the proponent of a significantly conflicting event on certain days of the proposal. This consultation resulted in the proposal changing the days of operation so as to not conflict with the event. 

The proponent thanks for respondents for the useful feedback.


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Start 21/08/2020
End 07/09/2020
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