To seek feedback from the aviation industry on the proposed : 

  • Removal of R559A-F
  • Introduction of replacement Restricted and Danger Area volumes to support F-35A and Hawk 127 flying operations
  • Minor reduction in lateral size of R639D.


The issue

  • Acquisition of the F-35A Lightning II fifth-generation air combat capability and the introduction of Western Sydney Airport create a need to amend the existing overland training areas in NSW 
  • Defence needs suitable training airspace for its operations yet civil aviation also requires access to airspace, aerodromes and flight routes 
  • Defence has worked closely with Airservices Australia to develop an amended concept that comes with considerable compromises on both sides
  • Various ATC sector changes will also be necessary to support the proposal 
  • The changes are desired for implementation in May 2023
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Joint Airspace Control Cell –  

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Start 28/04/2022
End 03/06/2022
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