The Defence Williamtown are considering options to provide ATC on weekdays only until 2200 once the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and movements return to more typical pre-COVID levels.

The issue

In 2008, WLM ATC went from providing ATC services from 0600 - 2200 5 days a week to 0600-2200 7 days a week. The reason for this change was not based on traffic levels but has remained in place until recently. Since COVID19 travel restrictions, Defence have ceased providing an ATC tower service on weekends.  Defence have enquired whether a weekend ATC service is warranted once COVID Restrictions are lifted and flights return to the pre-COVID levels.  The OAR is investigating the risk of that proposal should an ATC service no longer be provided on weekends.  Defence are also proposing to cease all tower services during the annual year end period of operational stand down (14 Dec 2020 until 10th Jan 2021).

As part of an airspace risk assessment, the OAR is interested in feedback from local operators, airlines and aviation stakeholders along the following lines.

  • The risk to aviation (particularly RPT) should a decision be taken not to reinstate the provision of services on weekends; and 
  • The risk to aviation (particularly RPT) should a decision be taken not to reinstate the provision of services during the period of operational stand-down (14 Dec 2020 until 10th Jan 2021).

In both cases the OAR is seeking to assess whether the residual risk is acceptable, and any risk assessments conducted by respondents to support their comments are most welcome.

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Send your feedback on this consultation to, attention: Anthony Lawler.

Respondents are encouraged to CC their State convenor or other interested parties on their consultation response where appropriate. The proponent is the recipient of submissions, not CASA or other AvSEF (formerly RAPAC) stakeholders.

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End 10/09/2020
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