To advise AvSEF of overwater military activity in between 09 – 26 Mar 22

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Elements of the Australian Defence Force will be participating in a Fleet Activity Period overwater from Jervis Bay (NSW) through to Bass Strait during the period 09 – 26 March 2022. This will result in an increase in military aviation operations, both maritime patrol aircraft and ship‐borne rotary wing, in support of Royal Australian Navy vessels. Due to the extent of objectives, specific locations cannot be accurately advised, however general areas of operation are advised.
Airspace. Fixed and rotary wing operations will occur in Class G airspace. A Melbourne FIR (YMMM) NOTAM and AIP SUP will be subsequently published.
Military Aircraft operations. Military aircraft will monitor, and when necessary broadcast on, the appropriate Area, CTAF or Broadcast Area frequency relative to their location.
Fly Neighbourly advice (FN22 Navy Warships). In order to maintain safe operations, pilots should avoid warships by 5NM laterally or not below 2000FT vertically whenever possible, and should not circle the warship at any time.
Traffic alerts and warnings may be passed on FREQ 121.5 MHz to aircraft operating in the vicinity of warships.

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