To seek feedback on proposed Temporary Restricted Areas (TRA) and Temporary Danger Areas (TDA) to be declared in support of Exercise Diamond Storm 2022 – Northern Australia

The issue

Military Exercise Diamond Storm 2022 (DSM22) is a major joint service exercise incorporating a wide range of tactical flying activity across northern Australia over the period 30 May to 24 June 2022.  

To ensure public safety and meet exercises training objectives, additional temporary airspace is required in addition to existing PRD in order to segregate civil and military activity. In addition, supporting procedures, such as MIL priority, are necessary to accommodate high-density fast-jet operations that have limited endurance.   

In summary:

  • temporary restricted areas (RA) are proposed where segregation from civil aircraft is considered necessary.
  • temporary danger areas (DA) are proposed where a potential danger to civil aircraft an area to be used by exercise aircraft was determined.
  • Civil operators should be aware that in addition to alternate routing, there may be a requirement to carry additional holding fuel and/or adjust their schedule to avoid periods of high traffic density

Please see attached paper for further information.

Submitted by: 

Daniel Olsen - Joint Airspace Control Cell (JACC)


A total of two responses were received that sought clarity on proposal elements. These responses were neither for nor against the proposal. Please find below a description of the responses received and the actions taken by JACC:

Several requests for information (RFIs) and clarified by JACC.
Request that the function of D236AB activation (North-South and South-North VFR transit) is advertised in order to prevent confusion in commercial and private pilots. In response, an amendment was made and disseminated via the AvSEF forum.
Inquiry as to what the heavy dashed line was on one of the maps (within D210). In response, the paper amendment included a description of the heavy dashed line and its purpose – to assist with danger area flight planning.
Inquiry as to whether local NT operators had been informed. JACC informed that they had not yet been informed, but they would be soon.

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