Airservices Australia is seeking feedback on proposed changes to the AIP relating to position information after vectoring.

The issue

ATC currently provide pilots with position information when a vectoring service is terminated, which is detailed in AIP ENR 1.6 paragraph 3.17 a). The majority of aircraft are equipped with modern navigation technology such as Global Navigation Satellite Surveillance (GNSS) and the ATC advice of aircraft position doesn’t provide additional value compared to the very accurate on board systems.

Industry feedback shows that the position report is not required and when it is given, it can be detrimental to safety due to the length and complexity of the transmission. This detracts from the information that is operationally required, that being the correctness of the onwards clearance. Once the onwards clearance is entered into the Flight Management System/GNSS, the aircraft by default is automatically ‘on-track’ in respect to the revised (and confirmed through read back requirements) clearance.

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