(AMD) Short notice Temporary Restricted Areas (TRA) Bamaga and TRA Cape York for activation in support of military activity between 12 June and 30 Sep 2020.

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Amendment details:

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the previous airspace proposal submitted on the 08 May 20 had to be amended at Bamaga and in Torres Strait. Previously requested Temporary Restricted Areas (TRA) Torres Strait and Arafura have been removed and now the new proposal consists of an amended TRA Bamaga (upper vertical limit only) and a new TRA named TRA Cape York. The dates (12 Jun‐30 Sep 20), daily expected timings (1830‐0630 local) and civilian access procedures remain the same.

A military flying activity is being conducted from Northern Peninsula Airport (Bamaga) and Torres Strait during 12 June – 30 September 2020. Temporary Restricted Area (TRA’s) will be established to ensure the safety of civilian and military air traffic.

The activity will be conducted by night to minimise the impact on civilian traffic. Expected timings of activation for TRA Bamaga and TRA Cape York are 1830-0630K (0830-2030Z); however, pilots should monitor NOTAMs for accurate timings. 

JACC is seeking feedback no later than 21st May 2020 on the proposed TRAs as depicted in Figures 1 and 2 (see attached PDF).

Refer to attached paper for more details on the proposed TRAs and the AIP SUP for procedures to access them.

Please note - the paper was amended on 14 May 2020 and is attached below. Both versions are available to view to allow respondents to note the differences. 

Submitted by: 

Joint Airspace Control Cell (JACC) - Defence 


The feedback received on this proposal was limited with no impact to civil industry.

An additional AvSEF submission was made to extend the activity period of the TRAs.

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Respondents are encouraged to CC their State convenor or other interested parties on their consultation response where appropriate. The proponent is the recipient of submissions, not CASA or other AvSEF (formerly RAPAC) stakeholders.

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