To seek members feedback on the proposal to establish two temporary restricted areas (TRAs) due to high level rocket launching activity.

The issue

BTBA, a hobby rocketry organisation, is seeking to conduct rocket launching activity approximately 40NM NW Goondiwindi, Qld from 19 – 20 December 2020. Please note the OAR is unsure whether the activity can proceed and apologises for the late notice to AvSEF members. AvSEF members should check NOTAMs closer to the date to confirm whether the activity is proceeding. 

Two rocket launches to an apogee of FL400 are proposed in launch windows from 1400 – 1500 (local) on 19 December 0830 – 0930 and 1200 – 1300 (local) on 20 December. These multiple windows are sought due to possible delays with the flights. 

As part of procedures at this site, contact is made with Airservices at least 30 minutes prior to the first flight of a rocket intended to be launched into controlled airspace to confirm activation of the TRA and that no objection to the timing of the launch exists

To mitigate residual airspace risks posed by the activity a TRA is proposed from SFC to FL125 within Class G airspace and another from FL125 to FL450 in the controlled airspace above. 

Please see the attached paper for further information.

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