To seek members feedback on the proposal to establish a restricted airspace to support the development of a new Defence Training Area, know as Greenvale Training Area (GVTA).

The issue

Defence has acquired additional land to develop and deliver advanced training areas to meet the future needs of the Australian Defence Force, Singapore Armed Forces and other partner nation forces training within Australia. The existing Shoalwater Bay Training Area in Central Queensland is being expanded, and a new training area is being established near Greenvale in North Queensland. These training areas are owned and managed by the Australian Government.

Defence has acquired a parcel of land to establish Greenvale Training Area (GVTA) (approximately 50NM x 20NM), located 80NM west of Townsville.

The township of Greenvale is located near the northern-most point of the proposed airspace, approximately 500m north of the Gregory Highway. The definition of GVTA airspace is to be promulgated within Designated Airspace Handbook (DAH).

In drafting this proposal, the Joint Airspace Coordination Cell (JACC) has consulted with Airservices Procedures Team from Brisbane Centre, AvSEF QLD representatives, RFDS pilots and Defence airspace users. 

It has been determined that some of the previous consultation occurred too long ago to be considered relevant; thus mention of it has been removed (RAPAC and RFDS). Please see attached updated paper for further details of the proposal.

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Joint Airspace Control Cell

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Start 13/10/2021
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