To seek members feedback on the removal of W364 between NONUM and KOW NDB

The issue

The portion of ATS Route W364 (TWO WAY) between Kowanyama NDB (KOW NDB) and waypoint NONUM is no longer used or required. W364 was previously used for traffic transiting between Cairns and Kowanyama, and Cairns and Gove (overflying Kowanyama). Traffic between Cairns and Gove now plan via J151, and traffic between Kowanyama and Cairns plan via W281.

Airservices propose to delete the portion of W364 between KOW NDB and waypoint NONUM. Airservices also propose to delete waypoints TRUDY and HERON as they serve no purpose if W364 were to be deleted. The proposed implementation date is 16 June 2022 AIRAC.

Please see attached paper for further information.

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Nigel Morgan

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Start 14/09/2021
End 10/10/2021
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