To seek members feedback on the airspace and procedures for Exercise Talisman Sabre 2021, specifically to be employed at RAAF Scherger and Weipa.

The issue

Elements of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) will be conducting Exercise ‘TALISMAN SABRE 2021 (TS21)’ over the period 16 – 31 July 2021.

TS21 is a large scale military activity, involving a wide range of tactical flying activities across Queensland, with aircraft operating from Scherger over several days. 

Intention is to activate a Temporary Restricted Area (TRA) encompassing RAAF Scherger operations, vice activating the entire CTR which would impose restrictions in traffic operating from Weipa. RAAF Air Traffic Control (ATC) will be providing a flight information service (FIS) within the TRA for any transiting aircraft.

Please see the attached paper for further information.

Submitted by: 

Ben Chaffey, Joint Airspace Control Cell (JACC)

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