Seeking industry feedback to extend Skydive Australia’s Cloud Jumping procedures (CJPM) from Mission Beach DZ to include Tully aerodrome (YTUY).

The issue

Skydive the Beach & Beyond are support to conduct cloud jumping operations (CJPM) in accordance with CASA’s standard cloud jumping procedures manual. Commencement of such operations will only be conducted subject to CASA’s final approval.

Currently Skydive Australia conducts parachuting operations at Mission Beach South of Cairns,of which we have already gained support for CJPM Operations from. Tully (YTUY) is located 10.7nm to the South West of Mission Beach and is already an active DZ.

We are now seeking support from to conduct cloud jumping operations at Tully Aerodrome. Please see the attached paper for further information, or contact Mark Whaley for further information. This paper was presented at the QLD RAPAC meeting on Tuesday, 28 July 2020.

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Mark Whaley - Skydive Australia

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