The Chief Flight Instructor at Riverland Flight Training is seeking feedback on the proposal to seek a discrete CTAF at Renmark (YREN) due to frequency congestion on 126.7.

The issue

Loxton (YLOX) and Waikerie [YWKI] are on the same frequency and therefore YREN receives circuit and inbound transmissions from these airfields. Large Adelaide and Mildura based flying training organisations have indicated a preference to conduct circuit training at Renmark. Additionally Renmark has RNAV -Z[GNSS] approaches for runways 07/25 which are often utilised for training purposes. In addition to normal airspace movements at YREN including arrivals/departures and local flight training other traffic includes:

  • Royal Flying Doctor [RFDS] patient transfers.
  • Recreational Australia [RAAUS] training activities
  • Gliding activity WI marked gliding strips and RWS 18/36
  • Local owner / operators
  • Seasonal bird control activity occurring at YLOX

Additional challenges include a varied manner in which some pilots broadcast – including the number of broadcasts given – which are not in alignment with those transmissions recommended in CAAP 166. This is creating an unacceptable safety risk that needs to be mitigated at the earliest opportunity.


To seek industry support for applying to CASA and Airservices for a discrete CTAF for Renmark (YREN).

Submitted by: 

Tim Laidler - CFI, Riverland Flight Training

Relevant documentation


There are some dissenting views on this particular proposal which need to be considered as well as some suggestions to increase the coverage of the frequency change. CASA OAR will be engaged for further advice and the SA AvSEF will be reengaged with any new proposals.

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Respondents are encouraged to CC their State convenor or other interested parties on their consultation response where appropriate. The proponent is the recipient of submissions, not CASA or other AvSEF (formerly RAPAC) stakeholders.

Start 30/04/2020
End 29/05/2020
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