To seek feedback on proposed Temporary Restricted Area (TRA) Murray, for activation in support of military activity between 07-08 May 2021.

The issue

The 9th Regiment Royal Australian Artillery will be conducting an 81mm Mortar live fire over the period 07-08 May 2021 for training of Reserve Personnel.

The activity will be conducted on the Murray Bridge Training Area. The establishment of a Temporary Restricted Area is required to accommodate the firing of the 81mm Mortar. The vertical height for R290B currently is 7,500FT, however due to the air danger height of a Mortar Practice of 8100FT which will require the vertical limit to be extended to 10 000 FT. This includes appropriate buffers for civilian aviation to overfly.  Safety to civilian airspace users is the reason for this request.

This TRA is requested for a period of 2 days, 07-08 May 2021. The exact timings of the activities are not yet known however it is expected that in this period the NOTAM activation of this TRA is only expected to happen 2-3 times. We are also accounting for the fact that other units may book this area for similar activities in that 2-day period (not with TRA activation).

Please see the attached paper for further information.

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SGT Nathan Price, Defence

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