Seek members' feedback on proposed changes to frequency and sector boundaries in southern Tasmania

The issue

As of 2 December 2021, Tasmania (TAS) sector will have responsibility for the airspace within the frequency boundaries for 123.8 and 125.55. While 123.8 frequency is limited to the area within the vicinity of Launceston, which is relevant for the services provided by the TAS sector position, the 125.55 frequency in addition to surrounding the vicinity of Hobart, extends to approximately 125NM east and west of southern coastline of Tasmania. The provision of services so far off the coastline would be better suited to the Huon (HUO) sector.


PROPOSAL (to be effective 16 June 2022 AIRAC)
Airservices propose to amend the 125.55 frequency boundary (and TAS sector) to 35NM south of Hobart. The current airspace outside 35NM to the south of Hobart will be amended so that:

  1. HUO sector has responsibility for this airspace;
  2. 123.95 frequency to the west of Tasmania is extended further south and west; and
  3. 126.5 frequency to the east of Tasmania is extended further south and east.

Please see the attached paper and chart for further information. 

Submitted by: 

Nigel Morgan – Airservices Australia

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