To seek members feedback on the proposal to establish a temporary danger area (TDA) due to paragliding competition activity at Corryong.

The issue

The Corryong Open is a cross-country paragliding competition which has been running for many years. The competition will be conducted from 13 – 26th February 2022 and is expected to have up to 85 competitors. Pilots launch from Mt Elliot which is 4NM from the Corryong township from SFC – 10000FT AMSL.


The general area of gliding operations are located within 50 km radius of Corryong township, Victoria. To warn other airspace users of the residual airspace risk posed by the activity it is proposed a TDA is established in Class G and E airspace. Every morning the organisers will advise of usage/non usage of the TDA to be active between 0000 and 0800 UTC.

Please see the attached paper for further information.

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David Gibbs - Competition Organiser

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