To seek feedback on a proposed change to limit circuits on Runway 05/23 at YBDG to right-hand only from Runway 05.

The issue

Runway 05/23 is predominantly used by general aviation aircraft up to 5,700kg MTOW for circuit training, with the majority of aircraft already adopting a right-hand circuit pattern from Runway 05. However, while the circuit pattern for Runway 17/35 at YBDG is restricted to right-hand circuits on Runway 35, no such limitation currently exists on Runway 05/23. This condition could potentially be increasing levels of aviation safety risk for regular and transient airport users.

In line with the published limitation for Runway 17/35, COGB is proposing that Runway 05 circuits also be limited to right-hand only. This approach will minimise the risk of aircraft conflict in the circuit pattern on nil and/or variable-wind days and limit aircraft traffic over densely populated areas of the City of Bendigo resulting in improved aircraft safety and noise management outcomes.identified the need to limit the circuit pattern on Runway 05/23 to right-hand, only.

Please see the attached paper for further information.

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Kieran Donovan - Lower Capital

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