The aerodrome operator for Leongatha (YLEG) seeks industry feedback on a proposal to seek a discrete CTAF.

The issue

Multiple aerodromes are using 126.7 as their CTAF in South Eastern Victoria causing congestion and affecting the ability to transmit at YLEG. There has been an increase in Melbourne based flying schools operating at YLEG and the general area. Traffic was also significantly increased during the fire season amplifying the operational issues. There is an urgent need for a discrete frequency at YLEG

Submitted by: 

Timothy Foster – Leongatha Aerodrome Operator


The proponent received support for this consultation. 

Subsequently, a discrete CTAF was published. The proponent has reported that local airspace users are happy with the new discrete CTAF.

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Start 21/02/2020
End 03/03/2020
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