Department of Defence requesting airspace alteration to lateral and vertical dimensions of R352 airspace for RPAS operations.

The issue

Defence plans on conducting Shadow RPAS / UAS flying training at the Puckapunyal Army base. This new airspace is an extended version of existing R352 and increase in altitude to 4 000’ useable by Shadow, therefore airspace activated to 5 000’ AMSL. It is expected that operations to the south and west of Mangalore may be affected by the proposed changes.

  • Aerobatic operations above Mangalore AD as described in ERSA may be affected.

  • Altitudes do not affect controlled airspace

  • Mangalore instrument approach operations

  • Air route W477 if used for low level flights outside controlled airspace

Submitted by: 

Squadron Leader Paul Murphy – RAAF 


During the consultation, there were a number of significant issues raised as follows:

  • The possibility of VFR violating the airspace 
  • VFR aircraft diverting around the proposed airspace being forced to enter areas that IFR aircraft may be operating 
  • Frequency congestion and the possibility of missing vital communications changing from Mangalore CTAF and area frequency in the vicinity of proposed airspace
  • The affect the airspace would have on Mangalore Instrument approaches. This would require significant alterations to the current approaches.
  • The possibility of weather convergence creating further issues to VFR aircraft.

Defence has decided not to proceed with the proposed airspace.

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End 01/08/2020
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