To seek members feedback on the proposal to establish a temporary danger area due to projectile test firing activity near East Sale.

The issue

DefendTex will be launching a maximum of five projectiles on launch days from their Omega Navigation Facility (ONF) at Woodside, Victoria. They intend to launch 40mm projectiles from their ONF (to the west of Jack Smith Lake) over a two year period commencing from 24 May 2021. Launches will be conducted approximately once a fortnight, with a maximum of five projectiles to be launched to an apogee of 1000 metres.

In the airspace above the ONF is East Sale’s R359F from 4000FT to FL210 and Yarram aerodrome is nearby. The proponent has consulted with East Sale and the intention is to not launch whilst R359F is active. Further consultation with East Sale will occur prior to launching to ensure R359F will not be active on prospective launch days. The proponent has also conducted consultation with Yarram aerodrome and will continue to advise of their activities.   

Prior to launch commencement, DefendTex will make a broadcast on the CTAF. A sentry will monitor both visually and on the CTAF for any aircraft and firing will be halted if an aircraft is detected. Flight Tracker will also be monitored to track larger aircraft and helicopters. 

To warn other airspace users of the residual airspace risk posed by the activity, it is proposed a TDA is established in Class G airspace. The OAR will require at least three days’ notice and promulgate a NOTAM to advise other airspace users of the activity.

Please see the attached paper for further information.

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