To inform AvSEF of military activity in Bass Strait between 15 Feb 21 – 04 Mar 21.

The issue

Elements of the Australian Defence Force will be conducting Exercise ‘Fleet Certification Period’ within Bass Strait during the period 15 February – 04 March 2021. Due to the extent of objectives, specific locations in Bass Strait cannot be accurately advised at this time. 

This exercise will include maritime patrol aircraft and ship-borne rotary wing in support of Royal Australian Navy vessels.

Please see the attached paper for further information.

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Join Airspace Control Cell (JACC) - Matthew Brown


There was one response to this submission which enquired about the potential for the proposed exercise to restrict civil operations. It was confirmed that there should not be any restriction or impact to civil operations. Air operators are encouraged to report to the JACC if the military exercise impact any of their civil operations or services.

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