The OAR is seeking feedback from relevant stakeholders (local operators (GA, tourism and flying schools) , RFDS, REX, RAAF, Shire of Albany, Shire of Denmark) regarding the establishment of the Broadcast Area (BA) around Albany.

The issue

The Office of Airspace Regulation (OAR) is seeking industry feedback on the new broadcast area in the vicinity of Albany, Western Australia.

In 2021 a broadcast area was established for a 40 nautical mile (NM) arc centred on Albany to the coast, then following the coastline for 2NM. The establishment of the broadcast area aimed to increase situational awareness for all operations in this area. It was implemented as a result of consultation and feedback from industry. We would now like feedback on how this broadcast area is affecting you.

Further information about airspace regulation and the airspace change process is available on the CASA website.

If you would like to provide further feedback, please email Feedback submitted by email will be considered but cannot be published publicly.

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Start 29/04/2022
End 15/05/2022
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