Notification to the AvSEF that FMG are constructing and plan to have Certified - a new Code 3 Aerodrome in the Pilbara known as Iron Bridge.

The issue

FMG is constructing Iron Bridge as part of the groups mining expansion in the Pilbara.

This new site due to its proximity to Wodgina does not pose any direct safety issues and this notice is more for AVSEF Group notification. The Aerodrome is due for completion by Nov 2020.

As mentioned the aerodrome does fall just outside the area of scope for the recent Pilbara airspace study and we will be using the same CTAF frequency of 126.7 with a UNICOM service a stipulated in MOS 139 mainly for frequency confirmation for departing aircraft on ground.

Further information can be found on the attached paper. 

Note: This is only for information to the forum that a new aerodrome is being constructed. Members have the opportunity to raise any safety concerns on the information provided or may wish to request more detail via the email below.

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IB Operations Pty Ltd - Darryl Evans

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