To seek members feedback on Bronzewing Aerodrome returning to use frequency 126.5MHz

The issue

Northern Star Resources (ASX: NST) are currently re-constructing the Bronzewing Aerodrome in the 
Goldfield Region of Western Australia which is planned to be operational in Q4 of 2021. The Aerodrome was last operational in 2013 and was serviced by Embraer Brasilia aircraft in daytime operations, the airport has laid dormant since.

The extract from Google earth (located on the following page) shows the CTAF used by aerodromes in the 
vicinity along with their proximity to the Bronzewing Aerodrome with radius of 20 nautical mile 
increments. The closest RPT aerodrome is Leinster Airport located approximately 35 nautical miles to the south-west.

The closest AFRU is located at Leinster and there is no lighting available at the aerodrome so a PAL frequency will not be required. Please see attached paper for further information

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Aerodrome Management Services on behalf of Northern Star Resources

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Start 26/08/2021
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