The Beverley Soaring Society are seeking feedback on an aerodrome specific frequency to reduce congestion on 126.7.

The issue

Beverley Soaring Society is the largest gliding club in WA and is one that was second in the world in distances flown last year being over 200,000 cross country kms.This year will see an increase in flying with over 90 pilots and forty- three gliders and tugs. The activities normally occur from Fridays to Sunday increasing to four days a week or every day during the spring/summer and autumn. 

The reason for this background is that Beverley aerodrome share the CTAF of 126.7 which especially at weekends experience congestion on this frequency. A recent investigation into a near miss indicated that this common CTAF was a contributing factor.

Feedback on air safety and operations is sought on having the CTAF frequency of 126.4 assigned to the Beverley Aerodrome.

Please see attached paper for further information.

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Steve Pearson

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Start 07/09/2021
End 05/10/2021
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