Consideration of the allocation of the multicom CTAF, PAL & AFRU (127.2MHz) to Koolan Central Aerodrome (YKLC) being constructed and due to commence operations in Q3 2020.

The issue

Mount Gibson Iron (ASX: MGX) are currently constructing the Koolan Central Aerodrome in the Buccaneer Archipelago area of the Kimberley region which is planned to be operational in Q3 of 2020. Koolan Island is currently serviced by Koolan Island Aerodrome (YKLI) and is receiving a name change in line with Airservices Australia and CASA’s recommendations. Koolan Island currently uses the CTAF 127.2

Preliminary discussions with the CASA and Airservices Australia indicated they have no objection for the PAL, AFRU and multicom CTAF 127.2 to be utilised by Koolan Central (YKLC).

This service would also provide the area with a Frequency Response Unit, which otherwise does not exist.

Request: We ask industry to consider any affects having the AFRU and PAL would have, should it be on the same channel as the CTAF, given the unique location of the aerodrome and proximity to Horizontal Falls.

It has been suggested that the AFRU uses the below wording, which we also ask for your consideration on:
“West Kimberley Broadcast Area, Koolan Central, 127.2”

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Aerodrome Management Services on behalf of Mount Gibson Iron - Shane Morup 

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