To seek members’ feedback on proposed solutions for the frequency congestion issues at Bunbury (YBUN) aerodrome.

The issue

Feedback has been received that there are ongoing issues with frequency congestion at Bunbury. Breakthrough from distant aerodromes on Multicom 126.7 is a common occurrence. Other Multicom 126.7 aerodromes causing breakthrough and congestion are: Beverly, White Gum, Northam, Jurien Bay.

Two possible solutions for the issues surrounding Bunbury Aerodrome:

  1. Align Bunbury's CTAF with Busselton on 127.0. This would then require Caple to also operate on 127.0 instead of 126.70. This would make 3 airports (Capel has minimal traffic) on the same frequency.
  2. Assign Bunbury with a discrete CTAF frequency.

Please see the attached paper for further information and provide your feedback on CASA's Consultation Hub.

Submitted by: 

Daniel Smith, CASA OAR

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Start 10/03/2021
End 25/04/2021
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